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Delicious Chemistry

1 Jun

Why We Become Scientists

31 May


The Difference Between Normal People and Scientists

30 May

Oh, XKCD, you make me so giggly.

Just A Theory

28 May

Atomic Trolling

27 May

 Fun fact: heat is actually caused by nuclei getting angry.

Split Up

26 May

Peer Review

23 May

Just When You Thought It Was Safe…

22 May

Tiny Brain Is Tiny

18 May

 Tiny spare brains in a jar, for all those times when yours just won’t work.
Or an actual sized brain of a creationist.
You decide.

Colorful Lab Cookies

17 May

Colorful lab cookies, for the scientist who needs a little sweetness in their life 😀

Space Elephants!

13 May


Keep Calm

12 May

Sold by PosterPop on Etsy.

The Definition Of Love (According To Science)

10 May

Life Of A Lab Mouse

9 May

True Story

7 May


5 May

Tesla Cat!!!

4 May


3 May

National Hug A Hedgehog Day

2 May

I have decided that it is imperative to national security that our country declare a National Hug A Hedgehog Day. Since all the politicians are busy doing whatever silliness they’re up to right now and not focusing on important issues such as this one, I am taking the liberty to declare today, May 2nd, National Hedgehog Day!
So go don your thickest leather gloves and jacket, chase a little spikey bugger around, and give it a big ol’ hug of super special love.

Fun fact: When the male hedgehog wants to have sex, he chases the female around screaming his head off until she gets annoyed and lets him have some sex just so he’ll shut up.
It makes me wonder if some of my ex-boyfriends were female hedgehogs disguised as men.

Best Lunchbox Ever

29 Apr

 I need this lunch box.
Like, right now.
Though, if I work in a hospital, then I run the risk of having my delicious turkey sandwich transplanted into some random guy. And I love my turkey sandwiches too much to risk that happening.
It would probably suck for the guy too.
As delicious as turkey is, it is a poor substitute for the organ responsible for blood transport.