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Split Up

26 May

Microscope Necklace and Earrings

13 Apr

These shiny little delights can be found at Shana Logic.

Microscopy Monday {No.5}

9 Apr

Potentially toxic filamentous cyanobacterium Anabaenopsis

Dr. Petr Znachor
Institute of Hydrobiology
Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic

Technique: Differential interference contrast

Microscopy Monday {No.4}

2 Apr

An antique microscope slide of a thin section of diseased ivory. (15x)

Stephen Nagy is a psychiatrist and amateur microscopist who took this image specifically for entry into the contest. It shows how a disease process can alter structure of ivory, creating strange and beautiful evocative shapes, which lead to people imagining that they see something else in the image. The image was taken using standard polarizing light techniques, with crossed polarizing filters, a first-order red plate, and an additional compensating plate made of ordinary cellophane. Image-stitching technology though Adobe Photoshop that created this composite of sixteen separate exposures or images, seamlessly merging them into one image which shows much more of the ivory’s structure.

Image by Stephen Nagy.

Microscopy Monday {No.3}

26 Mar

Immature sperm in the spermatocyte stage of the crane flyNephrotoma suturalis. (60x)

Image by Rudolf Oldenbourg.

Microscopy Monday {No.2}

19 Mar

Cells from the trabecular meshwork of a pig’s eye. The trabecular meshwork assists in draining the aqueous humor, the fluid between the lens and the cornea, (20x)

Image by Carmen Laethem, Aerie Pharmaceuticals.

Microscopy Monday {No.1}

12 Mar

I’ve decided to start a tradition of Microscopy Monday, in an attempt to kick off the week with something amazing and beautiful. I hope you enjoy.

Mature neurons from a rat hippocampus that are being attacked by Alzheimer’s-related neurotoxins (100x)

Image by Pascale Lacor, Northwestern University.