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Totoro Cupcakes!

24 Apr

Cookie Adventures

10 Apr

Midnight is the best time for cookie shenanigans.
Tom was patient with me and my lack of cooking skills.
Him: “If you keep eating the cookie dough, we won’t have enough to put on the cookie sheet.”
Me: “It’s a mouth tax! To appease the capitalistic cookie gods.”

We also tried out my new mustache cookie cutters (“Munchstaches”). But they’re better suited for sugar cookies and gingersnaps, as opposed to the lazy pre-made chocolate chip dough we bought, which expands upon cooking.
We ended up with fat staches.

Still, it was all good fun. The mustache cookie molds are fun, easy to clean, and make great props for ironic photos channeling one’s inner hipster:

Kitteh Donut

27 Mar

Words cannot describe how happy this makes me.
I can’t stop giggling.
They’re so adorably delicious, my tongue may explode from happiness.

Cupcakes for Zombies

16 Mar

This definitely delighted my inner zombie. Freaking skull cupcake molds, so you can make delicious brain cupcakes! Finally, a way to participate in the Fore tribe tradition of eating human brains without that pesky risk of kuru.
They taste like frosting and neurons!

You can purchase them here for $11.95 a set ^__^

Pi Day

14 Mar

One Does Not Simply Mess With The Girl Scouts

5 Mar

Prepare yourself, America, because:

That’s right! Tis the season swarms of green clad schoolgirls descend upon us, bearing gifts of their delicious, delicious crack-cookies.

The Girl Scouts have been in the news a lot lately. From welcoming a transgendered child into their ranks to being attacked by religious groups for encouraging young girls to be strong and independent (heaven forbid!), the Internet simply can’t stop buzzing about the ridiculously awesome the Girl Scout organization.

(Oh, the horror!)

And now, another story proving how awesome Girl Scouts are:
Texan residents Iravia Cotton and Rachel Johnson were regular girl scout girls peddling their delicious cookie goodness outside the local Wal-Mart when they were robbed by two lame men. However, because they are Girl Scouts and won’t put up with such silliness without a fight, they attempted to put the robbers in their place.
By punching them.
And hanging onto the car as the men drove off.
“Who steals from a Girl Scout? I mean, seriously, it’s like the worst thing ever. I hope your face hurts from when Iravia punched you — jerks!” said angry little Rachel Johnson.

The story is a chilling reminder that you do not ever, Ever, EVER mess with the girl scouts.
While the robbers are still at large with $200 of purloined cookie money, these two girls can sleep soundly tonight knowing they put up a fight in the face of injustice.

Click here to check out the original story, as well was watch the news segment.
Be sure to show your support to your local girl scout troop, and buy some cookies!