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Tesla Cat!!!

4 May

Happy April Fools Day!

1 Apr

Happy April Fools Day, Internet!
In celebration of the trickiest of days, I present to you random “science facts” floating around the internet, all of which are completely, completely untrue.

Now excuse me while I go plant some rice grains.
I’ll be sure to wash up with kitten saliva afterwards.
Speaking of which, where on earth does a person get “one glass of cat salvia?” Can I get that at the local Safeway, or do I have to special order it online?

Lichtenberg Lightning Trees

9 Mar

Lichtenberg figures, also known as “Lightning Trees, are beautiful branching patterns that occur when an electrical charge is exposed to an insulating material. They have been found in grassy meadows, golf courses, sand, soil, and even human skin after a lightning strike. When a person is hit by lightening, the passage of the electrical current from the lightning discharge as it flashes over the skin can rupture small capillaries under the skin, resulting in a Lichtenberg figure, or “lightning flower.”

Winston Kemp is one such soul who gained a Lichtenberg figure after being struck by lightning. While they often fade after a while, his has seemed to scarred over.

Some people even manage to capture Lichtenberg figures and make them into art.

Click here if you’re interested in learning more about Lichtenberg figures, as well as learn how to make your own.