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File Under: Things I Must Try

21 May

 I think my head just exploded from the sheer adorableness.
The owl and the blue bunny are my favorites, though I’ve always had a weakness for foxes and plaid.
Oh Internet, why must you show me so many cute things? These are made by Etsy artist Sleepy King, who has even more adorable plushies at his store.
I have to try making these.
I mean, they look simple enough.
How hard can it be?
(Famous last words)

Love Your Legos

30 Apr

These simple and adorable lego heart jewelry pieces can be found at Shana Logic for less than $15

Microbe Painting

20 Apr

While in college, I spent a few years working at an art gallery. I absolutely loved it. It was an excuse to get out of the lab and meet people, and many artists appreciated my insatiable passion and constant pursuit of what I loved, even if they didn’t know what the hell a Gram’s stain was. Either they appreciated it, or lovingly put up with it. Either way, it rocked.
Right before one of my coworkers left to pursue greener pastures in another state, he painted me this incredibly adorable microbe painting.

I want to hug it forever!

Continental Cuddling

11 Apr

Light Up Your Wardrobe

10 Apr

I’m bringing up Becky Stern once again, because I believe she is an adorable crafting angel sent from another dimension to bring science and happiness to the world.

Today’s topic: Light-up shoes

The video gives great instruction, and here is a step-by-step overview (so you aren’t constantly juggling shoes and fabric and needles and fire while trying to watch the video).

Needless to say, the end result is super cute, and makes me want to make a pair so I can pretend my feet are fireflies.

Lego Jewelry

2 Apr

These adorable little lego delights are the brainchild of Jacqueline Sanchez, as part of her charmingly named “Forever Young” collection.
A classy gift this is sure to appease your significant other’s inner child.
❤ ❤ ❤


Star Trek Amigurumi

30 Mar

One day my crochet and knitting skills will be good enough to do uber nerdy awesome stuff like this.
But for now I’ll stick to crocheting scarves and jellyfish.
(via Jana Ford Knits)

Crochet Bactierophage

29 Mar

Made by  Rachael Penzo, and seen on Geek Crafts and Craftster, this adorable bacteriophage amigurumi is a million kinds of awesome. I love it so much. I’m tempted to try it, but I will just stab myself with crochet hooks again.

Kitteh Donut

27 Mar

Words cannot describe how happy this makes me.
I can’t stop giggling.
They’re so adorably delicious, my tongue may explode from happiness.

Electrophoresis Love

18 Mar

Electrophoresis is beautiful!
❤ ❤ ❤

Cupcakes for Zombies

16 Mar

This definitely delighted my inner zombie. Freaking skull cupcake molds, so you can make delicious brain cupcakes! Finally, a way to participate in the Fore tribe tradition of eating human brains without that pesky risk of kuru.
They taste like frosting and neurons!

You can purchase them here for $11.95 a set ^__^

Caffeinated Cuteness

16 Mar

I’ve decided that caffeine is the most adorable molecule.
It’s the bunny of molecular world.
Or the kitten.
Whichever one you think is cuter.

Cutest Robot Of The Year Is Also An Indie Filmmaker

15 Mar

Meet Boxie:

This adorable little guy is a social, semi-autonomous robot, designed and built by Alexander Reben of MIT’s Media Lab. Boxie will roam up and down a hallway until it finds a human willing to answer a couple of questions — and star in a little film it’s making. Boxie is equipped with a cocktail of sensors so that it can navigate human spaces, and a camera mounted in its head allows it to record what it sees — such as your face when you’re talking to it.

To interact with Boxie, you press buttons on the side of its head, color-coded green and red for positive and negative responses, respectively. (You can see the red button hiding behind the flap of Boxie’s “ear” in the picture above.)

Sample questions include queries about what the human Boxie is addressing does, additional personal details you’d like to share with Boxie, as well as asking obliging bipeds to carry it around (an accelerometer inside Boxie lets it know when it’s being more or when it’s put back down). Oh, and as you’ll see in the video below, Boxie will also coerce you into dancing, and play some sweet music to help you get your groove on.

Like any respectful robotic filmmaker, Boxie will allow those who talk to it to opt out of the film it’s making, which Boxie plans to publish on the MIT Media Lab.

(via Kevin Hall of Dvice)

A Shiver of Catsharks

12 Mar

Science has found a new species of shark! And not just any shark, but a catshark, which is undoubtedly the cutest word ever. I want one. Actually, I want a whole bunch of them. Which, since they are a type of shark, could be referred to as a shiver of catsharks.

Here is the original article, via Wired Science:

New Shark Species Discovered in Galapagos Islands

By Adam Mann

Scientists conducting deep-sea dives around the Galapagos Islands have identified a new species of shark. Part of a family known as a catsharks, the new species is about 1.3 feet long, roughly the same size as a typical housecat.

Catsharks (also sometimes known as dogfishes) are one of the largest families of sharks. The new species — named Bythaelurus giddingsi — was identified from seven specimens during two submersible treks in 1995 and 1998. Researchers have suggested the Galapagos Catshark as the common name of the new species.

The seven specimens were taken to the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, where scientists compared them to other known catsharks. B. giddingsi individuals are chocolate-brown and have pale, leopard-like spots randomly distributed on their body. This distinguishes them from other closely related species, which are typically dusky or possess a straight line of spots.

The arrangement of spots on each Galapagos Catshark appears to be unique, with most individual sharks having an identifying spot on one side that is smaller, larger, or differently shaped than the opposite-side spot.

The description of the new species appears March 5 in Zootaxa.

Sharks in many places around the world face extinction from human activity, such as commercial and recreational fishing. Researchers estimate that 100 million sharks are killed each year.

As top-level predators, sharks are necessary to keep ecosystems in balance. Because the Galapagos Catshark is only found in one place, researchers fear it may be more susceptible to extinction pressures.

Jellyfish Love

5 Mar

I found this online a few weeks ago and after I managed to stop giggling in delight and start breathing again, showed it to a particularly crafty friend of mine.

A little while later, when we all went out to celebrate my passing the ASCP MLT exam, she gave me her pink homemade creation, and more delighted giggling ensued. He lives on my purse.
His name is Sir Jellyjoy.

Guardian of the Cell Phone, Keys, and Random Spare Change!

His mesmerizing super cuteness has inspired me to learn how to crochet, which will undoubtedly end with me accidentally stabbing my eye out with a crochet needle.