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Delicious Chemistry

1 Jun

Atomic Trolling

27 May

 Fun fact: heat is actually caused by nuclei getting angry.

Periodic Table. Literally.

14 May

You’ve Probably Never Heard Of It

6 Apr

Yeah, I use Ferric Chloride, but only ironically.

Molecular Sex (NSFW)

28 Mar

Conversion Magnet

26 Mar

For those scientists who insist on using mL for their cooking. (I’m looking at you, you silly chemists.)

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I Must Have These Shoes

25 Mar

I love chemistry.
And I love shoes.
They were clearly designed for me.

Electron Microscopy and Crochet Profanity

6 Mar

I got excited this morning when I saw this article on Science Daily, talking about a new advancement in electron microscopy which could produce the highest resolution images ever. I’m not as familiar with electron microscopy as I am with bright field and fluorescent, which are far more common in medical labs. But I do love microscopic images and art, and the concept of higher resolution images excited me.

Tom quickly killed my excitement.
“They didn’t discover a new method. They just rediscovered electron holography.”
“What? Three years and £4.3 million just to rediscover something that’s already been discovered?”
“That’s how science goes sometimes. They are the first to use the CCD in that way though. Dennis Gabor predicted this in the 1940’s, but the adequate technology didn’t exist at the time. It’s not as big of a break through as the headline would lead you to believe. Now let me teach you how to crochet.”

I recently decided I was going to learn how to crochet after Margherita made me the completely awesome Sir Jellyjoy. I have long admired her talent for making adorable amigurumi, and it inspired me to learn how to crochet so that I, too, can fill the world with cuteness. 10 minutes later and I am sitting in the middle of a coffee shop with a comically over-sized crochet needle, shouting colorful profanities at an evil bundle of orange yarn.

The demon yarn, laughing at my failure.

Tom: “You curse like a sailor. Actually, you curse like a scientist.”
Me: “Of course I swear like a scientist. Profanity is the reason why we don’t let little kids into science labs.”
Tom: “Right. It’s totally not because of all the hazardous chemicals and materials. Or the delicate experiments. Or all the fragile glassware.”
Me: “This isn’t working. The yarn is broken. How the hell do little old ladies do this?”
Tom: “The yarn isn’t broken.”
Me: “Of course it is. Look at this! How the hell did this kink happen?!”
Tom: “The yarn loop has different orientations.”
Me: “Like the different orientations of a molecule?”
Tom: “Chirality. Exactly.”
Me: “Oh. That makes more sense. Is there always this much profanity with crocheting?”
Tom: “Usually.”

Periodic Coffee

1 Mar

Me: “Aw, my periodic table of elements cup only goes up to 103.”
Tom: “It’s ok, transuranic elements aren’t that important.”
Me: “But they have the funnest names!”

The caffeine molecule inside the cup makes up for that lack of delightfully unpronounceable elements.

Periodic Table of Deliciousness

29 Feb

Oh Science, why must you be so adorably delicious?!


I wonder what would happen if I threw the Sodium cupcake into water. Would it explode into mind-blowing yumminess?

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