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Science Quickies

9 Mar

And now, a round up of articles that I meant to get around to posting, but forgot about or got distracted, and decided that linking them would be way easier instead.

Creating art with sound and sand. Capturing the beauty of acoustic physics.

MIT students can now become pirates. Yaaaaarg.

6 Terrifying Creatures Science Just Discovered. I personally think the devil worm is amazing. Also, the article has a bit of a misleading statement: Cryptococcus gattii, as fellow mycology nerds will know, is not newly discovered. What they’re referencing is a relatively newly discovered strain of C. gattii, reported in 2010.

The newly discovered 42 foot, 1.3 ton ancient snake is actually pretty damn awesome, and I sorta want one. The picture comparing the vertebrae of it vs. an anaconda really shows you how big this snake was.  

Oldest Organism With Skeleton Discovered in Australia. Can we say d’awww?

Simply possessing an extra gene makes adorable lab mice thinner and cancer-free. Not your average cancer research article.

Lower jaw shape reflects dietary differences between human populations. Excuse me as I gratify my inner anthropology nerd.

Penguin Cam!

1 Mar

In an attempt to promote Discovery Channel’s new show, Frozen Planet, the San Diego zoo has installed a live penguin cam, so now anyone can peek in and look at the zoo’s family of nearly 300 penguins!

I was lucky enough to discover this during the feeding time, and was greeted with a delightful display of dozens of penguins demanding the yellow-pants dude feed them their delicious lunch.

The zoo has all 5 species of Antarctic penguins: emperors, kings, Adélies, gentoos and macaronis. Which ones can you find?

The Adélies have always been one of my favorite penguins. They have the most confident waddle, completely oblivious to their sheer awkwardness.  They are my spirit-penguin!