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Vintage Spock

8 Apr



30 Mar

Star Trek Amigurumi

30 Mar

One day my crochet and knitting skills will be good enough to do uber nerdy awesome stuff like this.
But for now I’ll stick to crocheting scarves and jellyfish.
(via Jana Ford Knits)

Oh, House!

28 Mar

❤ ❤ ❤

Happy Birthday, Leonard Nimoy!

26 Mar

 The legendary actor/photographer/writer turns 81 today!
Fun Fact: While Nimoy was playing Mister Spock, his father was a barber who reportedly  had young boys come in and ask for the “Mister Spock haircut,” unaware that he was Mr. Spock’s father.

Nerd Nouveau

20 Mar

Beautiful art nouveau Serenity posters from Quantum Mechanix.

All of then are so beautiful. They also made posters for Reverand Book and Saffron.

And for you Dr. Who Fans (via the Internet, not QM):

St. Patrick’s Day Conversation

18 Mar

Me: “I’m deliberately not wearing green today. That way cute men and women will pinch me. If they’re not cute, then this red shirt I am wearing is actually green, and they are clearly colorblind.”
Phil: “If you happen to see people that look like Kirk, Bones, and Spock, avoid being around them at all costs. You know why. Those guys are awesome too, but clearly not worth the cost given your attire.”
Me: “If Kirk, Bones, or Spock were nearby, my shirt would be quickly removed, regardless of its color.”
Phil: “..well that solves that problem.”